Uber Eats is considered as the best food delivery service around the world. When covid-19 are spread; it can affect every marketplace like trade, industry. So it also proves dangerous for food and restaurant. Peoples who can like the food from hotels and restaurants can also be affected.

In this critical situation, UberEats can provide a better service to a customer. When covid-19 will start UberEats can give a discount of $0.99 to every delivery. UberEats said that the lockdown can affect their business because the transportation is suspended. News shows that the Uber taxi service
in London will be shut down but the food services will not be suspended. In some previous days, the employees of UberEats can strike that they cannot pay their salaries.

On the other hand, during the pandemic of covid-19 people are bound in their homes. So several reports show that the demand for DoorDash is increasing rapidly. The company faced some trouble the previous year when some customers give tips to a delivery person that increase their basic pay.

In 2019 DoorDash app will be hacked, and hackers get the data of 4.9 million personal information of the delivery person, employees, and restaurant. On 15 Nov 2020 Company says the coronavirus gives some financial support during lockdown because people cannot go outside and they can order food.
In this way, they can recover their financial loss. The first reported revenue of DoorDash that they earn in the first nine-month is approximately $1.9 million that make the owner millionaire.

News reports show that they are appointing newly paid workers. These workers will be delivered, packing, and management staff. DoorDash considers the best food app because it has minimum rates and high-quality food. They also offer a different discount on the special occasion.

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